Good question. The word “pooched!” encompasses everything that we envision a happy dog to be: mentally stimulated, emotionally satisfied, & physically fulfilled. So, we brought this idea to life & created Pooched! – an exciting luxury service that offers a unique experience for dog owners who face the challenges of caring for their dogs because of life’s many responsibilities. Take advantage of our quality boarding service for those much-needed vacations, or our premium dog daycare to ensure your pooch stays active & healthy — we look forward to welcoming them into our family.


We know you care about your dog & that you want the best care for them; why else would you be reading this? Dog boarding & daycare with Pooched!, means having your dog stay in a place where they don’t get lost in the shuffle. It means knowing that you are providing them with an exceptional quality of life, even when you cannot be with them. It means feeling good about your choices, & having the freedom to live your life the way you need to, & not feeling guilty about it. You will leave Pooched! feeling relieved, because you will know your dog is receiving individualized care & attention from us, & of course, their fellow Pooched! friends.


Pooched! is located in Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia. Our services are provided on our large personal property, which is nestled by the Sackville River. We take great pride in offering our services from a place –where we ourselves– would feel comfortable having our own dogs stay. We offer the perfect combination of being conveniently located within HRM, & the freedom of being in a country-setting. Our brand-new, 2-storey facility features a climate-controlled, open & interactive indoor environment, as well as over 15,000 sq.ft. of fenced-in outdoor space for the dogs to alternate between. Play. Socialize. Rest. Repeat.  


What can we say? As lifetime dog owners, we truly respect the important role dogs play in our busy lives, & how strong that relationship can be. We understand the guilt behind leaving a dog at home because of working full-time. We understand the awful & selfish feeling of leaving dogs with ‘strangers’ to travel. We understand how it is not always easy to exercise your dog everyday & give them the attention they deserve. We understand, because we have been there ourselves. This is why we started Pooched!, this is why we are here for you.

We are the first to admit we cannot replace their family. It’s impossible. But what we can do, is simply be a temporary extension of you, your family, & your home, for those times when you are not able to provide the time & resources for your beloved dog. We take a great deal of interest in dog behaviour & actively seek out professional development opportunities to further our knowledge – whether it’s with seminars, studies, learning from modern force-free professionals in the industry, books, DVD’s or hands-on training — we love it all.